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Friday, June 21, 2013

Lineage II Fashion Show...

...Or whatever Armor dropped (by the Mobs)

"Learn or Die"

As an avid player of MMORPGs and console RPGs, one of many things that i like from them is the ability to customize your character looks, custom-tailored to your own liking. Though, this feature doesn't appear in the older generation MMORPGs and console. One of the MMORPGs that i still played until now (although rarely now...) is Lineage II. A game that, in my perspective, are not for kids who only want instant leveling, getting through the game with minimum hassle, simple UI...No way Jose, this game ain't for ya. Learn or Die.

"The only downside being a Knight class as a Dark Elf? It burns through your wallet"
These are a collection of screenshots from my 'character' in various armor. Mind you, this was taken looooong before the latest updates, so spare the common look of the armors. Us Shilen Knights are not that wealthy that time, mind you...

Karmian Tunic
Plate Armor

I haven't played it again for months because of my working schedules and all...Poor Girl...==d

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