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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dragon's Dogma Superboss #2


Final boss of the god-forsaken, goddam-dark DLC dungeon, Bitterblack Island. Despite his big body, he's far from slow...Heck, even going through his dungeon makes the Everfall and its residence feels like a walk in a park! Strong monsters, poor visibility, and a lot of sub-bosses...If ya ain't strong enough, then Bitterblack Island is outta yer league for the time being.

  "Going first..."

He's fast, in the opposite of his big, demonic appearance. Packs quite a punch and spells that could mess your party REAL quick. Rarefied Bitterblack equipments are advised, since it's the best thing to do against this powerhouse.

"Hey, at least i'm trying (dousing him with water), right?"

I like fighting this. A challenge even for the high level characters, but also for his background story. I won't spoil you much, but let's just say, Daimon was a man who was transformed into his current form because of his hatred and his love.

 "Oh shi...part 2."

...When you think that, "hey, I've floored this b*tch once, i can do it again!" Noooooo way man. On your second fight and forward, Daimon will transform into more powerful and grotesque form, along with MORE damage (the attack you see in the screenshot? 3/4 HP damage on the strongest, rarefied,  Bitterblack Armor LV.3)

 "Aaand we're done"

A tips: instead of using the door on the upper-left, port out sing a Liftstone. Therefore, you can farm him over and over with redoing the entire dungeon (Only the 2/3 part of it).

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