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Sunday, November 4, 2012

King Crimson I


 "A trap? A futanari? Hell, eunuch? Your call"

The 1st entry of my vampire-themed pictures. The themes come from Type Moon's setting of the 27 Ancestors of the Dead Apostles, so...expect these pages to get updates as soon as possible

Unknown, date and years unclear


A nameless, hermaphrodite Crimson Nobles; the name "Myu" itself was given by Sumire. He/she was born when his/her mother, a witch, was hanged after being accused as a witch. The baby was taken into the Vatican's custody and killed ...Or what it’s supposed to be, until he/ she keeps coming back to alive. For 100 years, he/ she have to endure extreme pain of being killed over and over.
He/ she become a vampire when he/ she were incarcerated in the Tower Of Apoina. The darkness within the castle slowly devoured his/ her body, leaving his/ her soul that struggles to stay alive. Strange enough, because of his/ her immortality, the darkness merged with his/ her body, and a being known as Myu was born. One of the Crimson Nobles that devours their victims instead of sucking their blood

Reality Marble
Absolute Dark
The ability to physically alter one’s own appearance and gender, changing the consistency of one’s body into a fluid-like darkness, and controlling every shadow and darkness around him/ her. 

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