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Sunday, November 4, 2012

King Crimson III

Karl & Catherina Von Narbareck

 "Husband and wife sharing the same body? Go figure..."

Yeeeeeeeeah...If you ask me, "can you draw NSFW pictures" Then i'll say "I do...Personal use only~". That aside, this time it's the near-psychopath, sadistic vampire couple.

Unknown, approximately in 15th centuries, Austria (Karl)
Unknown, approximately in 15th centuries, Venetia (Catherina)

Somewhere in Monaco

SS-Obersturmführer of Nazi's SS Polizei Divison and currently a member of Secret Inquisitorial Knights of Vatican, he put a little value over other's life. In charge for hunting heretics and cult leaders, and disposing in anyway he likes. Over his duty he already took the lives of 7 others Crimson Nobles (not the strongest 27 members), 356 humans, 72 vampires, and 25 dhampyrs. Formerly known as Count Philippe Zerb-Strudell von Narbareche, vassal of an Austrian king sent as a 'mistress' named Ophelia Est-Fraulein to a supposedly gay Bavarian king as a part of peace agreement between them. His vampire wife Catherina (nee' Amoretta) lives inside his body and sometimes swaps 'heads' with him. One of the Crimson Nobles that devours their victims instead of sucking their blood

Reality Marble
Melting World
Near immunity to all physical attack, because all the attacks will be phasing through one’s jell-like body and the ability absorbs all things into one’s body, be it organic and inorganic, or even souls.

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