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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fantasista Regalia IX

Supreme Animas

"The Supreme summons"

And~ The badass kinds of the summonable guardians, the Supreme Summons! As you see, they're slightly more...Cooler than their primary brethren. Tenebrae (Latin for 'darkness'), the three-armed Dark Spectre who controls over darkness, the iron-clad Holy Angel Dominia who controls over light, (portmanteau of Dominion, one the higher ranks in Angelic hierarchy), Ice Godess Koyuki, the ruler of ice (means 'little snow' in Japanese), and the swordmaster Origin, King of all Elf (this is my original creation, btw.)

A note for Origin; he's a cross-stories characters that appears in some of my works. In each stories, he's a demigod who livr since the beginning of time, and his people, the Ancient Elves serves as some kind of 'watchers' for the Gods, as well as the guardian of Yggdrassil.

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