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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Good Bye, Lineage II...

...Rest in Peace, Mullenkamp

The news struck me like a thunderbolt in the broad daylight - The Lineage 2 Official Server where i used to play will be officially closed in the mid April. Goshb'darnit. I know i haven't played it as much as i used to be, but still...The community, the adventure, the raids time...Sigh, i'm gonna miss all that. 

"I'm gonna miss her..." 

Of all the luck, my PC refused to start up the game...Probably because i haven't patch it for some time and now that the game will be shut down, the patch server is going downhill, so...This is the last screenshot of my main, Mullenkamp, a 98 Siegel Knight/90 Tyr Warrior/90 Iss Enchanter. Since the shot is taken from my friend's PC and setting...Do forgive the low quality...

Requiescat In Pace, Mullenkamp...T.T

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