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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome To Dark Souls (Again)...

...And let the rage continues!!!

"The awaited sequel of the i-wanna-throw-me-joystick game..."
     It's here. The sequel of the long awaited hardcore, difficult, hard, gitgud-scrub-inducing taunt Dark Souls has arrived. Dark Souls II, rumored to take place centuries after Dark Souls era, places you again as the 'chosen undead', beckoned by mysterious force to the mythical kingdom of Drangleic,starting in Majula. Introduced to this kind of game [the one that makes you wanna hurl your joystick] by its predecessor, Demon Souls on PS3, and then Dark Souls, i have expected that Fromsoft will provide more obstacles, traps, and enemies that awaits me within the game...But by getting eaten by the Troll in FIRST AREA of the game...I've been reminded of what Souls Series truly is...

"Praise the sun...I just want to be so grossly incandescent."

     Because my PS3 going was finally going loco, i have no choice but to play to the PC version. Though, when i did get my hands on it, lies another challenge that bugs me in the first game...and it returns in this game. It lies not in the game, IT'S THE FRICKIN' BUTTON MAPPING AGAIN....Raaaagggh!!! However, with the help of DS3 Tool, i finally enjoy playing it with my PS3 controller.

     What do i do now, after defeating the last boss? Well...Tweaking with the graphic using either GeDoSaTo or ENB and farming equipments...

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