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Saturday, September 22, 2012

So What?

ARE YOU PREPARED TO DIE? (Again...and Again...)

"A game that would likely make you throw your joystick..."
 Alright, this is my first post to my blog...And as you all can see, I've been hooked to Dark Souls for quite some times. Introduced to this kind of game [the one that makes you wanna hurl your joystick] by its predecessor, Demon Souls on PS3, that's enough to make want to play the 2nd game, Dark Souls [on PS3, too]. I've conquered the game on PS3 many times, but when i heard about the PC version, expansion included Artorias of the Abyss, i thought to myself: "Are you prepared for the challenges? HELL YEAH I DO!"

"So What? I got two Artorias' swords anyway..."

...Though, when i did get my hands on it, the challenges lies not in the game, IT'S THE FRICKIN BUTTON MAPPING....Raaaagggh!!! But~...I get used to it eventually, though it still difficult fighting that blasted Kalameet with it.

As for today, i'm going to farm some rare drops from the Royal Garden and Oolacile Township enemies. With the upgraded equipments I've managed to get now....I'm able to say this now :
"So what? [insert the appropiate gesture here] [/trollface]"

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