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Sunday, November 11, 2012

King Crimson IV

Heinrich Agrippa Von Nettesheim

 "All that power but your face still..."

The inspiration comes from the a real German mystic. No, not St. Germain. Just change the Heinrich into Cornelius, and...Voila!

Koln, June 3rd 1520, German

Forest of Einnhasse, German-France border

Were a medieval German mystic and alchemist, he established a secret society in Paris devoted to astrology, magic, and the Kaballah. He got himself in trouble with the Church many times with his lectures on theology, and he even defended woman accused of witchcraft, and was chased out of Koln, German, by the Inquisition for this. He is on a bad mood with E Temen Anki. The reason of the entire thing he has done was to find a cure for his physical abnormality in his face. He was born with a slit mouth, though he has a handsome face. In order to conceal this, he robs other people's face skin and wears it above on his face. But the skin will gradually lose its youth and he must find another face, and it led him to become a vampire.      

Crimson Limiter
Millennium Puzzle
The ability to create an unbreakable labyrinth in an alternate dimension that when you force to get out, the labyrinth will expand further and become more and more confusing.

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