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Sunday, November 11, 2012

King Crimson V


 "One of the Crimson Nobles who refuse to wear underwears..."

If you're good with movies, then you'll know where's the inspirations for her came from. Good movie, too bad for Aaliyah, though. RIP girl.

Thebes, approximately 1500 BC, Egypt

Tomb of Amenti, Egypt

Known as the Queen of the Damned, a prehistoric vampire that once the High Priestess of Seth that seeks the secret of eternal life and beauty, and sacrificed many lives in order to attain it. She almost succeeded in conquering Thebes, but The High Priestess of Isis sealed her along with her follower. 3000 years later, she finally free from her bound by the hand of human.

Crimson Limiter
Merciless Queen
The ability to control the spirit of deceased reanimates corpses and objects, mainly sculptures and sands, by giving them foul life. It also gives her the ability to talk and power over snakes.

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