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Sunday, November 11, 2012

King Crimson IX

Zarich Radona

 "Half human-crow? Bestiality, everyone?"

This time...It's a crow turned vampire...Go figure. The name inspiration? I can't thing none other than Lineage II - Chaotic Throne's Demon Sword Zariche.

Unknown, date and years unclear

Somewhere in Australia

The leader of an ancient vampiric crow pack in a foreign land that will be known as Australia. He was just a 'normal', long-living crow until one day, a ruthless hunter shot him just for the fun of it. In verge of death, he was saved by Lestatt, who understands the language of the carrion-bird, and shares his blood with the crow, making him an independent, masterless vampire.He is able to change into his humanoid form, although he retains some of his crow features, mainly the feathers, his wing-like hands, and bird-like leg. He is as intelligent as human, and able to understand both human and bird language. He pledges loyalty to Lestatt, even though he become a Crimson Noble himself.
Reality Marble
The ability to create a black canopy of darkness above its designated target, slaughters anything inside the area of effect without shedding a drop of blood, and no damage done to the environments.

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