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Sunday, November 11, 2012

King Crimson VIII

Vlad Tulkas

 "Yep. Another of Vlad's relative..."

Is everyone in Vlad's lineage are destined to be cursed? Who knows...Although the name's looks Romanian, it's actually come from the Lord of the Ring's lore...Or most specifically, Castlevania Symphony of the Night's Fist of Tulkas.

Bolgo, July 7th 1330, Romania

Bran Castle, Romania

Known as Tulkas the Valar, he was born with the name of Vlad Valar, ruler of Transylvania. Feared and honored by his enemy as well as his friend, he led the Romanian army to overthrow Turks' government in Transylvania, and give him the right as the next ruler of Transylvania. He was defeated when one of his knight betray him and gave his possessions to the Turks. Before being executed, he swears that he will avenge those who betray him and reclaim his possession. Right before his corpse was going to be buried, it disappeared, and leaving a trace of blood the forest.

Reality Marble
Chaotic Mad
The ability that grant him colossal strength that could only compared by the first ten, changing his skin to be as tough as steel, but in exchange of the loss of his sanity.

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