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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Holy Mackerel..!

...It's a Dreadnought!

"I bite. Rawr!"

This is one of my characters in Lineage II, a 83 Dreadnought/ 80 Phoenix Knight/ 77 Duelist in Sieghardt server - Vasilissa. Some of you maybe asking, how come i'm still at 83, when the new updates raised the level caps to 99 ? Well, that's because I'm too busy leveling up my other character, (now) a 97 Siegel Knight/80 Titan/80 Spectral Dancer on the same server. I create this character to...Well help me with monetary, since my Siegel Knight is pretty much unsuited for that kind of job except tanking.

These are the latest collection of screenshots of her, wearing +6 full element Verpes Armor Set and +4 Fire element Dynasty Halberd (since i still can't afford for a better weapon...).
With me Halberd!

Currently, she's clanless...~3~

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