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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Joy of Modding

...In Skyrim

"Fus Ro Dah. Because the knee joke is getting old..."

You know guys, after all these years playing video games...I came to a simple yet factual question, "Is it just me, or is it every fresh, unmodded game made by Bethesda always start with  somehow sh*tty graphics?" I mean, just look at TES IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3, or the newest, TES V: Skyrim. The most blaring aspect? Blocky faces, even with high-end PC...Goshdarnit Beth...However, all is not lost. See the picture below? That's an example of several mods in Skyrim

TERA's Elim race with dual Zariche...In Skyrim

Why? TES series are also known as Modder's Paradise (I think it was started in Morrowind, and then getting better in Oblivion). Just look at how many Mods out there, ranging from simple interface changer to something that could be considered as mini DLC.

TERA Armors + CBBE body + Cinematic ENB

Most of the time, I used the mods that deals with visual improvement, texture and meshes optimizer and vice versa...So much that it once fried my other PC for good...I can say that, you're not really playing any TES before you first mod it. Mod it first, then play it.

And hell yeah. The PlayStation 3 version can be modded too, if you know how.

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