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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dragon's Dogma Superboss #1

Ur Dragon

Strongest boss of the vanilla post end-game dungeon, Everfall. Boasting the largest HP pool of all enemies (more if you're going at him online), and the fact that he's as big as Grigori (the final boss), serious preparation needs to be taken if you want to survive against him.

  "Let's do this, mano-a-mano"

Big, deadly, and to make things harder...You can only damage him by destroying his heart, you know, the glowing marks on his body...The one of his torso and tail is easy, but when it comes to the ones on his wings...


I advices against using melee class, mainly because it's harder to target the ones on his wings. Or if you're going melee, it's better if you choose the Magic Knight class, since its Magic Cannon skills will help you good.

 "Oh shi..."

Some tips: if you're already that good, you go farming him for his drops (weapons and Lifestones) and sell them off for quite a lot of sums!

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