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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Under the Sea

...In Aquanaut's Holiday


Eh. One of the reason why i somehow hates any kind water transportation mode...Because i fear being drowned, or for some extent, i scarred of looking at the waters' depth. Now that i think of it, it's probably why i don't like some attractions like Dolphin Show and deep aquariums...It's the depth that scares me. Hell, it's even becoming one of my most scary nightmares (i kid you not).

 "So fake, but at the same time, so real..."

Aquanaut's Holiday. One of the best ocean life-themed games i ever played after Ecco the Dolphin and Ecco the Tides of Time in Genesis back then. Great graphic, near realistic depictions of the sea and the animals within. The gameplay is easy, too. No fighting, just adventuring, solving puzzles here and there to open new locations and all...Or you can just cruise along to see the fishes. And yes, even in 2D graphic, watery depth still scares the sh*t out of me.

 "Barber Shop, traffic lights, skeleton? You ain't see nuthin' yet"

There are other things down there; sunken ships, sunken city, sunken pyramids, things that you won't even think to find there (raccoon dog statue, of all the thing...), and for some reason, UFO.

 "One of Aquanaut's main attraction: the sea creatures"

Don't forget about the sea creatures. Aside from fishes and others, pretty much you can found anything you want to see in ocean life - themed games. However, i have yet to find a Megalodon (or something like that, since there's a silhouette of it on the ocean dictionary...)

"Getting a bit Indiana Jones here, are we?"

Feeling adventurous? You'll also get to go inside a Southern American-style pyramid under the sea. It's one the location you must go near the end of the game.

 "...No comment"

There are some locations that...I'd rather stay near the water surface rather that going below. Like one location, the Tuna's Refugee, there's a DEEP (and i mean VERY DEEP) crevasse that you must go to  at the game's finale. It's dark, nearly devoid of any life, and it's still goes down like a bottomless abyss. One word : scary.

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