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Monday, June 30, 2014


...Will dread you OUT!!!

"To be honest, this is the only game that i don't wanna play at night..."
     DreadOut. Stumbled across this game about 1 or 2 years ago in one of the thread in Steam's Forum. It's a survival horror video game developed by Digital Happines. What makes it special for me, because of three things: Made by Indonesian game developer, my home country (Huray! Go Indonesia!), it plays like Fatal Frame (one of my favorite game series),and...IT'S ABOUT GHOSTS! Not just any ghost, but Indonesian ghosts!

The stories goes as follows: when a group of senior high-school students (Linda Meilinda - our protagonist, her classmates Ira-the kawaii one, Shelly-the dorky one, Doni-the joker one, and Yayan-the daredevil one) and her teacher Ms. Siska (...somehow she looks like Tamara Bleszynski, IMHO) go astray from their vacation trip in Indonesia, they discover an old deserted town. They soon realize that something sinister is about to happen. Linda realises something mystical is happening to her. She gains a spiritual power that could save her and her friends from the unknown.

"Ira looks exactly as i was in my teen days *COUGH*"

Although the graphic is not that awesome, this game became one my favorite because of its atmosphere and feels. Why? Being someone who was born and spend most of her years in Indonesia (until half and a year ago...) and grew up with horror tales, this game brings up that scary feels when i first watch the scariest film in my opinion...Malam Satu Suro. The bleak darkness, the silence, dat loneliness...DAT KUNTILANAK LAUGHS....It's all set for me to play this game.

"There's no way in hell that I'd go through there in the night...IN REAL LIFE." 

What kind of ghost are there in the game? Well...There's Kuntilanak-distinguished by her laughing pattern;if it sounds afar that means she's vlose to you, Pocong-the shrouded ghost who jumps around, Genderuwo-usually known as the leader of the ghost in the surrounding area, and...GHOST RIDER aka Pocong on a motorcycle!!! Oh god my sides...! 

 "The ghosts of DreadOut...==d"

One advice though, if you are one of those with frail heart or just typically have some phobia to darkness or the uncanny valley...For all that's holy, don't play this game at night. I mean it.

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