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Monday, June 30, 2014

King Crimson X

Jezebel D'Asterte

 "A Twillight-esque vampire..."

A casual-looking vampire with the power to stop the time...Somehow she reminds me of a certain vampire in shonen manga. The inspiration for her name comes from the historical Jezebel.

Oberon Valley, 1 May 1405, Romania

Oberon Magic Academy, Romania

Oberon Magic Guild's Wizard Marshals, and a strong candidate for the next Magi. According to Soren, she was her 'biggest failure' in alchemy; a homunculus made from her flesh and blood; She gave birth to her by implanting the homunculus in her own womb. Because she was born from a vampire mother, she is born as one. Unlike Soren, her personality is rather childish, easily distracted by anything that is cute, despite her age and the power that she have .

Crimson Limiter
The World
Crimson Limiter that considered to be one of the strongest; It stops the time of the entire world, however, it depends on the target's power, so it's pretty much useless against her mother and certain Crimson Nobles.

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