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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

King Crimson XI

Reitz Streidberg

 "BSDM Vampire, if you ask me"

This time...A torture-loving, pain-delivering, i-don't-give-a-fvch-about others' life vampire. Basicaly, a psychopath. 

Rhineland, 8 January 1333, Holy Roman Empire


“Castle of White”, German

True name Reeze Schuberrdinagen, he was an aide of a Roman noble named Loudweich, a very strange and disoriented prince with a very strange taste of woman. A selfish, egoist, manipulative, and masochist person who love to torture his victim, and sometimes, those who work with him. However, he is trusted by Alucard for his relationship with some of the Vatikan's dark side. And believe it or not, Reitz’s wife is the actual princess told in Sleeping Beauty folktale.

Crimson Limiter
Gate of Isolde
The ability to summon otherworldly collections of weapons that exist in other worlds and dimensions, and the perfect proficiency to use those weapons with ease. The weapons themselves are ranged from traditional melee weapons such as sword to the futuristic weapons such as shoulder-mounted rail gun.

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