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Sunday, November 11, 2012

King Crimson VI

Fionham Bruede-und-Sveltn

 "If she's the 2nd, i wonder how big is the 1st.. "

One of the more sophisticated, educated Crimson Nobles. A sorceress, too...An original character, she is based from my...Uh, sophisticated fetish.

Unknown, May 7th 1505, Bulgary

Oberon Magic Academy, Romania

Oberon Magic Guild's Wizard Marshals, partner and wife of August. Though she doesn't earn the 'Oberon' title, she a master in alchemy and shamanism, and head of the Advanced Sorcery Department. Among the Crimson Nobles, she currently in the 2nd place in term of her bra size, defeated only by Sumire. She also legendary for having only 1% of probability a student cheating in her class.

Crimson Limiter
The ability to create anti-barrier power that could destroy every mean of defense under A rank, whether physical or magical. It means that today sorcerers have no defense against any attack from her at all. It also grants her the ability, although limited, to be everywhere at the same time.

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