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Sunday, November 11, 2012

King Crimson VII

Ernest Vernon Talefing

 "Of blood, steel and bone"

Living blade that took over your body? No way thank you very much! If you're into mythological things, then you know that the name comes from Tyrfing.

Unknown, date and years unclear


A sorcerer-knight that enjoy the joy of fighting. He was involved in a duel along with Rietzer and Agrippa against E Temen Anki, but he was defeated and lost his original body as the result. With his remaining power, he shifts his soul into an alchemy-made sword using his Crimson Limiter. But somehow, the sword act like living creature when it receive Ernest' soul, growing in size. Since then, the sword is known as the Demon Sword Talefing, a demonic sword that grant mighty strength to its wielder but they're controlled by the sword, acting as a tool of movement for the demonic sword itself, and the sword itself drink the blood from the wielder and the victim.

Crimson Limiter
Cage of Soul
The ability to fuse one’s soul with every desirable medium chosen by the owner. The fused medium will have tremendous power derived from the owner’s power, in exchange for one’s mobility and previous form. Sometimes, it will also alter the medium’s wielder.

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