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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Slaying the Dragon (and Others)

...In Dragon's Dogma

 "It's a troubling foe!"

Have you ever dreamed about an open world, Skyrim-like game, with monster-hunting action like Monster Hunter, Shadow of Colossus' big-ass monsters, Devil May Cry's fast action combo, and Resident Evil-ish atmosphere? No ? How about adding the ol' saving the damsel in distress from a frickin' dragon? All those elements above have made this game one of my fave.

  "In Dragon's Dogma, you'll always see Chimeras and Cyclopes on your morning strolls..."

It's like, a mixture of Japanese and Western RPGs - a big, open world with a lot of quests, monsters, items and characters. And equipments...Like, for some reason, Silk Lingerie - a women only clothing with mediocre stats somehow become one of the most popular items...For guy gamers (ya you know why...). Also, some of the boss monsters that you'll meet are free-roaming the world, not just waiting to be killed in the end of a dungeon. Don't believe? Try walking in the Devilfire Grove at night. If you think fighting a Wyvern in the dark is a good thing, then be my guest...

 "Staring battle round one - Vs Arch Hydra"

These screenshots shows my character, a 77 Rune Knight (at that time) fighting an Arch Hydra, a stronger version of a regular Hydra. Since i'm not used with this vocation, it takes some times to beat this scaly monstrosities.

 "Let's get it on!!!"

Got killed once by magic attacks (since the armor he wears are too focused on defense), and somehow managed to get swallowed and regurgitated twice...

"*Cue Dragon's Dogma Victory Fanfare*" 

But in the end, the heroes always win...And after that, comes the 24 hours waiting time for this monsters to re-spawn.

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